"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Monday, November 16, 2009

Out For The Season?

The consummate athlete must live with the ever-present knowledge that at any time he could blow his ACL. No, that doesn't mean he faces getting thrown out of a Union for not paying his dues. It means he could tear one of the Cruciate ligaments in his knee, more often the anterior. In fact, a torn ACL has been called the most devastating injury in football and could mean the end of a career. At best it usually means a player is out for the season.

So, two weeks ago, when the Mighty Quinn began limping on his left hind leg, spending the entire weekend as a three-legged dog, we were all just a little worried. Even me, and everyone knows I'm not much of a dog fan. But, being the gifted Frisbee snatcher that he is, not to mention an avid disciple of the Dervish School of Herding, things were looking rather dim. Like Nate Burleson, Seahawks wide receiver, the Mighty Quinn could well be sitting on the side lines for the duration.

Come Monday morning, Quinn was whisked off to the vet. Upon examination, it was determined that it was very likely an ACL injury had been incurred. Oy. Not only would this mean surgery, but it would require 8 to 12 weeks of inactivity for a decidedly VERY active dog. I could see a definite shortage of Peanut hand outs in my future from sheer lack of time with the goatmother.

Anyway, nothing could be done for two weeks. So for two weeks, the goatmother and the goatfather have been inventing ways to keep the Mighty Quinn from dashing about, jumping, climbing, playing, or any of the myriad other active things he loves to do. But today was the day. Early this morning the Mighty Quinn was returned to the vet ready (or maybe not so much ) to face the dire consequences of his actions.

The goatmother and the goatfather went home and waited. At 9:30 the call came. And guess what? The knee was proclaimed *solid* and NO SURGERY need be done! The Mighty Quinn would not be out for the season after all! Everyone breathed a great sigh of relief, extra Peanuts were passed out in celebration, and a vow was made to keep those Frisbees and balls a little closer to the ground from now on.
"I pass with relief from the tossing sea of cause and theory to the firm ground of result and fact." - Winston Churchill.