"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Friday, August 26, 2011

At the End of the Rainbow ...

... is a new roof.  No kidding.  See?

I hope it isn't too dark to see, but the rainbow does indeed end on the roof.  See all those lovely blue bundles of shingles up there?  And that repugnant color on the roof - sort of a yucky reddish brown?

So, you've no doubt been wondering where I have been and why there wasn't even a Wednesday Words of Wisdom this week.  Well, my friends, it all has to do with the roof.  You see, it started back this last winter with all the rain.  The roof didn't take anymore kindly to it than we did, and so it decided to leak.  Once the weather cleared up, finally, the goatfather and one of the goatneighbors decided to put on a new one - roof that is.  This was no small project, and let me tell you, it took awhile.

When it first began, we, down here at the barn, had to endure ceaseless bouts of snorting from Boo.  You may recall that Boo is full Nubian, and Nubians just don't do *new*.  So you can well imagine what transpired when, all of a sudden, two very out-of-the-ordinary figures appeared atop the roof of the house and just wouldn't go away.  Sigh.  Yes, we all have our crosses to bear.

Anyway, there were lots of interesting things that went along with the new roof.  For example, the goatfather and the goatneighbor had to replace A LOT of the roof boards because the ex-Marine that built the house only thought he knew what he was doing.  One entire half was actually put on upside down and many places had absolutely no support.  In retrospect, I suppose it is a wonder it didn't do more than just leak.  Come to think of it, do you suppose they accept Nubians into the Marine Corps?  Anything is possible.

However, somebody must've thought replacing the roof was a good idea because not only did the rainbow fall on the new roof, but two rainbows actually appeared!  I hope you can see them in this picture.

The Gods were smiling on us because first there were two, and then there was one that was one of the most intense we have ever seen.

Of course the rainbows were at the beginning of the project and I suspect it was to throw everyone off guard so they wouldn't just throw up their hands and quit when they found out how much of an adventure it was really going to be.  Life is like that sometimes.  At one point, the goatfather and the goatneighbor lifted one of the soon-to-be-replaced roof sections and woke up a bat.  I always knew the goatmother had bats in her belfry.  Given her history (see here), there really shouldn't have been any doubt.  And then there was the dessicated squirrel.  Although, he was actually found under the roof boards of the 'doggie house', so maybe I can't honestly say the goatmother is squirrely too.

But, the real disaster with the whole roofing project came after the actual house roof was finished and the 'doggie house' remained.  You see, the first people that lived here (remember 'The Halls of Montezuma'?), also built a kennel because they raised Golden Retrievers.  Now, why anyone would want to raise dogs instead of goats, I can't say, but there you have it, and now the goatmother uses it as a potting shed.  The problem was that this is where the satellite antenna for the computer sits.  So, when the goatfather and the goatneighbor replaced that roof, guess what happened? And THAT should have been Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - never, Never, NEVER, muck about with the antenna if you want to have computer service.  However,  I could not actually write that, let alone launch it into cyberspace, so I do hope it isn't too late and you haven't already unknowingly mucked about with yours.

Anyway, when all was said and done, I think it turned out pretty nice.  I know the view from the barn is much better.  What do you think?

There is still some painting to be done and some siding to be put around the chimney, but all things in good time, right?

So that's where I've been.  I have to say that we did find that we have lots more time in our day when we don't have computer service. Boring, mind you, but time nonetheless.  The goatmother is still behind and may never be caught up.  As for me, I'm caught up, unless you count eating Peanuts, and then it is virtually impossible to be caught up.  Well, I suppose it might be, but I for one, never want to find out if it is.  At any rate, I have plans to tell you lots more stuff.  So as they say ...

Bee right back!


J said...

The roof looks great! I bet you are glad everything is finished (more or less). Did you learn any new swear words? Are your sure your goatparents did not lose any necessary parts...you know, at their advanced age things could spontaneously detach. Well, as long as they can still feed you and clean the barn. Not everything humans come equipped with is required for service. For example, why do men have nipples???? Chew on that.

Millie said...

Sounds lucky the roof didn't end up in the basement. I like those pretty rainbows!

Kelly said...

I know what you mean about the surprises when you remove anything. Guess what I grabbed hold of when I took the wall down in the office. A dried up rat. Probably older than I and flat as a pancake. Oh, we also found out that the kitchen was once a barn. Another interesting tid bit. No insulation at all. Hahahahahaha. Sorry, I lost it again. Love, love, love the new roof.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

That's funny.....my barn was once a kitchen..........