"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Ultimate Sin

Oy. I can put up with a lot of things, but this takes the Peanut. I can not even begin to express my outrage, my indignation, over this matter. As you can see, Ella has decided to take over my stump. My stump!!!! Can you believe it? Can you begin to comprehend the audacity this requires? MY STUMP IS SACRED, SECOND ONLY TO THE HOLY GRAIN ROOM AND PEANUTS!


Simply put, the stump is MINE.
End of discussion.

There is a Yiddish expression that is, '
A chazer bleibt a chazer'. Translated, it simply states, 'A pig remains a pig'. Need I say more? Oy.


The Sweet Pea said...

Dear Marigold,
I must say....I did get a chuckle here! I think we
Alpines are all alike!! I think Ella might be related to me!! I love to kick the Dirty Sisters off our stand! It is such fun!!

goatfarmer said...

I am shocked, Marigold. Shocked.