"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Rabbit Hole

Just a short note.  First of all, we can never ever express the depth of our gratitude to Teresa Perin  of Eden Hills and Mimi Foxmorton of The Goat Borrower for what you see in my side bar.  Teresa's mother is the artist that managed to capture the fabulous and real me, and with a Mona Lisa-esque smile no less!  (Eat your heart out, Angelina.)  Oh, sorry.  I got side tracked there for a minute.  And as if that weren't enough, the picture you see has been made available for download on the FaceBook page of the Sisterhood of the Goat.  And as if THAT weren't enough, buttons are now available for purchase, here, for anyone who so desires. The Goatmother literally sobbed when she saw what they had done.  Of course I had to butt her.  Oh it was only a gentle butt, but I needed to remind her that it is okay to let people do things for you.  I mean, look at me.  I let people do things for me all the time.  It is the goat way.

So then, we would like you all to know that Mr. Murphy is alive and well at our house.  Still.   Last Friday, the Goatmother was due to have an MRI.  They called that morning and said, 'Oops.  The machine is broken.  You will have to come on Tuesday.'  So tomorrow is the day.  It is down the rabbit hole for the Goatmother.  She will be looking for white rabbits who are running late while she is there.  Please wish her luck.  She was ready last Friday.  I don't think she's as ready now.  I know how that feels.  It is kind of like when you are about to get your hooves trimmed and somebody forgets to bring the Peanuts.  I mean, your taste buds are all primed and ready and then ... nothing.  Oy.

" ... I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of woes and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand!" - Aragorn, The Return of the King


edenhills said...

So glad to be able to do this for you. You will be in our thoughts. Because the zazzle site requires a markup on "my" product, 10% of the cost will be donated to cancer research. :-)

Terry said...

There is much clanging and whirring during an MRI. Tell the goatmother to ignore it and think of something nice, like peanuts. Also, should a fire alarm go off, not to worry, the technicians will remember that you are there. Spoken from experience. Oh, that didn't make her calmer? Pass the peanuts.

Marigold said...

Dear Terry,
Ha! You are making us laugh! This is a good thing. Blessings on your head!

Marigold said...

Dear Teresa/Eden Hills,
Let's see. I already used a 'Rainbow' of blessings...so how about a Kaleidoscope of blessings on you and everyone at Eden Hills. I gotta' quit saying thank you, because it just isn't good enough. :)
Okay, "I'm late, I'm late!!! Down the hole!" (And hoping there are no fire alarms)

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Dear One, I am reading this, on Tuesday. Good thoughts go with you, as you go down the rabbit hole. (What an apt description........)

Gentle hugs...

Marigold said...

Dear Auntie,
Thank you for thinking of us! The Goatmother thinks maybe the Rabbit Hole might not be all that bad, but she is sure hoping nobody yells, 'Off with her head!' :)

Mrs. Micawber said...

According to the philosopher Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part (and I'm inclined to think he's right).

You've been on my mind all morning - now I know why. Although you may not see them, there is a crowd of friends around that MRI machine, all cheering you on and waiting for you to come back out.

If you find any little cakes that say "Eat Me" - go for it! There are no points in Wonderland.

P.S. Many thanks to Teresa and Mimi for the button. I was wanting to put something in my sidebar but didn't know what. It's perfect!

P.P.S. May the blessing of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you!

goatfarmer said...

That's the awesomest. Hope all goes well.

Marigold said...

Dear GoatFarmer,
Ain't it just?! The Goatmother survived and it actually wasn't even too bad. Whew! Onward and upward. Or maybe at least onward. Forward is actually probably a better place to be than upward. Of course both are waaay better than wayward, which the Goatmother has been known to be. Oy.

Faith said...

Glad to see in your above comment that the rabbit hole wasn't so bad in the end....I did wonder if rather than rabbits you may some of those geese down there.

Thinking of you!x

Marigold said...

Dear Mrs. Micawber,
Ha! You make me laugh! 'No points in Wonderland!' Yay! All those blessings of the men and elves and free folk did pretty well. The Goatmother did very well! Kind of odd, really, 'cuz she said she kept feeling like someone was touching her head and adjusting the blanket. But, there was no one in the room. Must've been all you wonderful, invisible friends. :)

Marigold said...

Dear Faith,
Geese? I wouldn't have been surprised if she had seen some of those stupid UrDuck-H'ai quacking around in there looking for corn. But no, instead they gave her headphones and at least between mechanized regurgitation sounds, she listened to 'They call me the wanderer, the wanderer ....' Wanderer indeed. How is anyone going to wander when they are stuffed in a Rabbit Hole anyway?

Snowcatcher said...

Rabbitholes indeed. I would think a holodeck or an alternate universe might be more fun. But then again, I'm no rabbit fan, as you may know! I agree with Tom Petty and Ms. Micawber. The waiting is the hardest part. So eat lots of peanuts while you wait. If they make you happy. :)

Marigold said...

Dear Snowcatcher,
Did you ever see that old Star Trek where Doctor McCoy went crazy and ran through this portal, ended up in the 1930's, changed history and they had to go find him? That's what this machine reminded the Goatmother of. Thank goodness she didn't end up back in the 30's. I wouldn't have been born yet and I wouldn't get any Peanuts.

Millie said...

Nanny blessings to you from all of us here. We will certainly keep you in our thoughts (and remind the human to send healing Reiki energy your way).

Marigold said...

Dear Millie,
Thank you! I'll tell the Goatmother to try to tune in to your channel. :) Hey, coming at it from both ends ought to be a good thing, right? :)