"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fat Don't Fly

Last night was quite an interesting evening. First off, young Watson decided to go into the big pasture. I know. This doesn't sound very exciting does it? However, prior to last night, it was Watson's custom to stand in the lot, baaing loudly at the rest of us who had gone into the pasture to eat. I'm not sure what caused him to change his mind, but it was certainly cause for celebration. So, being the party-goats that we are, we did. Ella and I engaged in some 'hoofticuffs' while Boo stood around and, well, looked large. The goatmother ran out to proudly take pictures of Watson's first brave excursion into the 'big' goat world, all the while backing up and saying, 'Watson, DON'T come to the fence! I DO NOT have any animal cookies! Watson! THAT is an electric wire! Watson!

So, when the goatmother headed for the barn, we all naturally followed along in stair-step fashion, Watson bringing up the rear. There was a lot of twisting , kicking and butting that went on (in celebration, of course) all the way to the barn. When we got to the lot, Ella and I began to chase each other merrily about the lot. Ella ran and leaped gracefully atop the new little 'goatie shed' and proceeded to jump up and down just to hear the sound her hooves made when she landed. The goatmother walked up to the edge to speak to her, but still on the other side of the fence. At this point, Boo T-boned me from the side, which sent me reeling into the back of the goatmother's legs, who fell into the fence. Thank Goat! it wasn't the electric fence or we would have never heard the end of it! I don't know what possessed Boo. I think it was just the fact that the rest of us were having such a good time and she wasn't getting in on the fun. At any rate, the goatmother recovered and turned to chastise the perpetrator when IT happened.

I'm not at all sure what she was thinking, unless she was just so ecstatic over the fact that someone else besides her was finally getting into trouble. But, Ella decided to perform a pas jete from the top of the shed, taking a flying arabesque over the fence and gate into the lot. That was the plan. But miss Margoat Fontaine, forgot to take into consideration that her weight is not exactly what it was a mere few months ago. No, miss prima goatarina tripped over the top of the fence and went crashing to earth. Believe you me, there was stunned silence. You could have heard a Peanut drop. Ella got to her feet, but alas, she had injured her left leg. The goatmother ran over immediately, feeling to see if any bones were broken. Embarrassed, Ella was not very cooperative. Still, after inspection, no bones appeared to be broken, and Ella, being the trooper that she is, started to put a little weight on it. Finally she shook it off, though gingerly, I admit. However, before the goatmother left for the night, Ella was pretty much back to her old self, trying to butt me around. That's okay. Next time she tries reaching for my Peanuts, I'll just nudge her a little and remind her how it was she got into that predicament in the first place.

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The Sweet Pea said...

Not to worry Ella, even I
have tripped up a few times!! You just have to pretend that it was an intentional stunt....perhaps a faint in mid air or something like that.....