"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Ferocious Fall

Well, well, well. If they say, 'Spring has sprung', then I guess you could say, 'Fall has fell'! All right. I know that isn't very eloquent (let's just say Ella thought of it...). However, the fact is that instead of easing into Fall as we usually do, Fall has entered doing great goatie leaps! We've already had a deluge of rain complete with 44 mile per hour winds and it has already snowed up in the mountains. Ay yi yi.

Along with the high winds, there was a period of 10 hours with no electricity in the barn (or anywhere else). It made it extremely difficult to select the best stems of hay. Anyway, at the time, the goatmother's aunt and cousins were visiting from Arkansas and Texas. Since we had no electricity, no bathroom services were available for awhile either. I heard that everywhere the goatmother's aunt goes, the commode goes out. In essence I suppose it was probably her propensity for a lack of 'facilities' that caused the whole power outage. Stranger things have happened.

And you know, whole trees came down in the wind. One fell on the neighbor's wood shed and several went down around our pasture. Of course this hasn't been all bad because the goatmother keeps supplying us with lots of leafy limbs. Viva les feuilles! Plus the goatfather has gotten to use the chainsaw which always puts him in a mucho macho good mood. I believe it has something to do with those primal pioneer genes harbored by males, though I can't be positive.

So, today we had a thunderstorm, which is not normal fare for this part of the country at all. The goatmother says some people even had hail. You know, that stuff that falls from the sky and looks like frozen white goat berries? Still, you couldn't swear by me, since I had my head buried in a succulent flake of hay at the time.

The very worst part of this whole thing, though, is that with the arrival of THE TIRE, in addition to the unsavory weather, those of us dedicated to maintaining a peaceful environment, remaining ever-vigilant, and upholding the directives of Homegoat Security have become somewhat lax in our resolve. Witness the picture snapped at 8:00, this morning! Yes, what you see is a large and apparently well-fed coyote strolling placidly down the road in extremely close proximity to our pasture and THE TIRE! Oy. OY. The only redeeming factor in this situation is that if Watson had seen him, he probably would have fainted. As it is, he was spared. Still, this can not be good. Not good at all. I suppose, in retrospect, it is quite a good thing that the coyote appeared well-fed. It leaves a lot less room for chevon on the menu, and that just has to be a good thing in my estimation.


The Sweet Pea said...

Dear Marigold, I can not see the picture of the coyote ( this computer, Hal Jr. , is a very annoying piece of junk ). However, I think you and dear Mr Watson need to up your security and declare an ORANGE alert!!
Boo can give her inimitable elk-like bellow..... a great alarm system and Ella can use those wonderfully alert Alpine eyes! Oh,.... and please hide little Peanut inside the tire!!

Hillbilly Cuz said...

Hi Marigold,

You can send that goatie leaping Fall down here to Arkansas! We are as always hot and humid.

Your goatmother made us most comfortable even without electricity!

I have to say that I've told your Hillbilly Cuz's husband we need to get us a couple of goats to run around with our little horses. He of course didn't think that was a good idea. We'll work on him!!!!

I'm so glad that coyote was so well fed and didn't stick around. Poor Watson would have fainted for sure if he'd seen it.

Tell Peanut, Ella, Boo, and of course Watson hello from the Arkansas Hillbillies.

goatfarmer said...

I thought it was one of those invisible coyotes Scouty is always seeing causing her to run into walls in alarm and so on. I am sort of glad it is a real one headed elsewhere for an urgent appointment of course. Reality is our friend.

Marigold said...

Dear Goatfarmer,
It has been SO long since I had actual FOOD (other than hay) that you will forgive me if I forgot to include the picture right off. Can goats take Gingko???

goatfarmer said...

Take it and bury it in a hole and then try to get some ginger snaps if you want something that starts with g.