"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Friday, July 20, 2012

Imelda Goatmother

Remember that lady, Imelda Marcos, the one that had all the shoes?  Somebody estimated at one time she had 3,000 or more pairs of shoes.  Now, I could understand that if that lady were a goat and had four feet instead of just two.  Anyway, allow me to grace you with a couple more pictures of the Goatmother. (Remember her?  She who does not like to have her picture taken, let alone plastered on the internet?)

First off we have this lovely hat from our friend, the Snowcatcher.  You may remember the talented Snowcatcher created this pattern, made this lovely hat, and then posted the pattern as part of Operation Marigold so that anyone might recreate it for someone in need, or perhaps donate it to their local cancer center or other organization.  Anyway, the kind lady not only did this, but, like our friend, Mrs. Micawber, sent the hat to the Goatmother!  How nice is that?

Not only is this hat beautiful, but it makes the Goatmother look like she actually has hair!  Never mind that it is turquoise hair, but, hay, lots of females have strange colored locks these days.  It is in vogue.  Besides, she could always apply to be a rebel barrister.  But the Snowcatcher didn't stop with the hat.  She also sent the Goatmother more of those exquisite snowflakes she makes!  Just look at the two examples the Goatmother is holding with that cheesy grin on her face.  They look good enough to eat, though I doubt the Goatmother would let anyone near enough to test that theory.  All I can say is what a truly gracious lady.  I wonder if she can crochet Peanuts?

Now then, what you see in the next picture came as a complete surprise and it made the Goatmother laugh (always a good thing these days).  Not only did it make the Goatmother laugh, but it made all of us laugh when we saw her in it!  It is perfect, though perhaps a bit warm for the weather at the moment.  Nonetheless, we sincerely doubt the Goatmother is going to have hair anytime in the near future, so we think it likely the hat  will get a true workout at some point.  Besides, if she wasn't already, it further serves to make the Goatmother a bona fide member of the herd.

And just in case you still don't quite get it, take a closer look.  There are horns and ears on that hat!  Yep, horns and ears and a canonization to Goathood courtesy of our wonderful friend, MiMi, over at The Goat Borrower. 

With all these hats, the Goatmother is beginning to resemble the Imelda Marcos of hats.  Soon she may have to grow another head.  Now that would be interesting.  However, I feel the need to point out that if the Goatmother had two heads, she'd likely just waste it worrying twice as much.  Still, we are working on that aspect.  Worrying is not a good weapon against the evil 'C' monster, and our aim is to get her to meditate that stuff right out of her head - no matter how many she has.  In fact, I'm thinking of letting her borrow my stump.  Which only goes to prove how much I care for the Goatmother because I would never let just anybody use my stump.  Aren't I magnanimous?

At any rate, Imelda's gratitude to these two ladies is immeasurable.  It is also largely inexpressible, at least in an adequate manner.  Humbly, Snowcatcher and Goat Borrower, our thanks to you.  May the blessings of the great goat God, Pan, be abundantly expressed in your lives.  (This means many Peanuts will likely rain down on your head.  Better invest in an umbrella.)

One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind.  ~Malayan Proverb


Millie said...

Truly, you are one of the herd. All of us goats are behind you (yes, butting the whole way).

Marigold said...

Thank you, Millie and all of the goats at Eden Hills! We can do this! That is if the Goatmother doesn't faint from having her picture taken so many times. :)

goatfarmer said...

Is that a NUBIAN hat? Don't try to take a math test when you are wearing it!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Those are wonderful hats! And you are a very pretty goatmother! xoxoxo

Marigold said...

Dear Goatfarmer,
Now that you mention it, it could be. Since the Goatmother is no math whiz in the first place, I'll be sure and pass along your recommendation.

Marigold said...

Dear Isobelle,
Thank you! (On all counts) And, you know, it was your lady losing weight that inspired the Goatmother to lose weight. And she says, had she not done that, she never would have noticed the lump. So many thanks to your lady, even though she never knew she did anything. See? We just never know how we might touch someone else's life.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, those hats are truly wonderful! As are the snowflakes.

And I love the rebel barrister idea.

Scene: The Old Goatley. Court is in session.

Counsel for the prosecution (wearing a boringly traditional wig): "M'lud, I suggest that in wearing this blue wig, my learned friend has overstepped the bounds of legal propriety. I deplore, most strongly, this display of levity in Her Majesty's Court."

Judge: "Silence in the court! Counsel for the defence, repair to my chambers immediately. You simply must tell me where I can get a wig like yours."

Counsel for the defence: "I regret to say, m'Lud, that these wigs are reserved for members of the Marigold Fellowship."

Judge: "Dash it! I might have known it would turn out to be one of these secret societies. And what, pray, is the Marigold Fellowship?"

Counsel (handing Judge a BTHOOC button): "Your Lordship must surely have heard of the great, the famous, the wise Goat Philosopher Marigold - she of the trim fetlocks, the attractive wattles, the rapier wit?"

Judge (testily): "What do you take me for? Of course I have. But what has the great goat Marigold to do with your sublimely whimsical and alluring wig? And why (looking at the button) does this greatest of goats wear a rose-coloured ribbon about her neck? Has she been decorated? Does it represent an Order of some kind?"

Counsel: "It signifies her desire to Butt the Hay Out of Cancer, M'lud - specifically cancer of the chestal area."

Judge: "A most worthy ambition, and one which I heartily endorse. I should like to join this Marigold Fellowship, if I may."

Counsel: "Certainly, M'Lud. You are most welcome."

Judge: "And now about that wig. Is it available in magenta, do you think?"


Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Marigold, you must be an unusually well read goat because you sure have a lot of wonderful quotes at the bottom of your posts. Thanks for enlightening this not-so-well-read Ozarks girl.

Marigold said...

Dear Ozarks Goat Girl,
Of course I am well read. Sometimes that stump is a good place to read and not just philosophize. Plus it is just the right height to kick the hay out of any nosy Alpines who try to bother. I'm glad you like the quotes. :)

Marigold said...

Dear Mrs. Micawber,

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Oh! That's really nice! My lady is very glad that she inspired someone! She is working to maintain what she has lost - she figured out that she has a very low daily calorie requirement (like me) and that it's taking some time to adjust to that.

Hillbilly Cuz said...

Beautiful as always!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh how cute!!!!!!!! Both of them!!!! What talented Dear Blogging Friends you have!

And I fully understand people not wanting to put their pic on the net. Oh my yes! But some Dear Readers really, really, really want to SEEEE WHO IS BLOGGING. So............

We just have to do it, now and then. I applaud you GoatMother. But you do have lovely reasons to do it!

Please, please, please... Keep trying to kick worry. I never could meditate so I don't have any helpful-hints there. -sigh-

But, "they say" that optimism is always one of the best of medicines. "They say" a lot of stuff.... Grrrrrrr.... But... this one has the ring of common sense to it.....

Gentle hugs...

"I don't ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning. There they are, and they are beautiful."
~Pete Hamill

Marigold said...

Dear Isobelle,
I, like you, struggle with my weight sometimes. What does one expect during those long winter months and all that hay and then spring comes and there is all that luscious grass. It is a challenge for sure to maintain a girly figure. Our hats off to your lady, though. Maintaining is hard work! But we know she will prevail because we have seen what determination she has with her animals!

Marigold said...

Dear HillBilly Cuz,
Now where have you been? Beautiful? Me? Oh, you mean the Goatmother? She doesn't agree, you know. Nonetheless, thank you!

Marigold said...

Dear Auntie,
Right you are. I have loaned the Goatmother my stump and she is going to practice or I am going to butt her! Besides she has so many hats to wear while she's doing it. :) Oh, and that 'they'...'they' do say a lot of stuff, now don't 'they'? ")

Hillbilly Cuz said...

Yes Marigold, I'm talking about the goatmother. I've known her for all of my 57 years and believe me, she was always the "Pretty" cousin. Still is, and always will be!!!

Marigold said...

Dear HillyBilly Cuz,
Awwww, shucks! :)

Candy C. said...

What LOVELY new hats the Goatmother has received from such wonderful ladies!! :)
Mrs. Micawber's Court Session had me laughing so hard there were tears!

Marigold said...

Dear Candy,
That Mrs. Micawber! She had us rolling in the aisles too! Boo even had tears running down her leg. :)

Anonymous said...

Those hats are so special. Plus the Goatmother makes for a very photogenic model for the Imelda hat collection.

Marigold said...

Dear BuffyBelle,
The Goatmother thanks you, humbly. Now they, are you in the mood to slay some chemotherapy today? We may need help. :)

Snowcatcher said...

I thought the goat hat was the most incredible thing... until I read Mrs. Micawber's novel... We should have her write something like that on a regular basis. That was good stuff!

Both hats look marvelous on Goatmother Imelda, but it's her smile that makes them perfect!

Marigold said...

Dear SnowCatcher,
That Mrs. Micawber is quite the card for sure! The Goatmother thanks you for the compliment...humbly. :)

Mimi Foxmorton said...


I just love you soooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marigold said...

Dear Mimi,
And we love you too! What's not to love with someone who could create such an exquisite hat!!!! I'm just sayin' ...