"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Sunday, July 8, 2012

World's Greatest Medical Oncology Nurse

So, here I am for the last of my three part documentary...  Oh, no. Wait.  This isn't a documentary.  That would be on Peanuts, and I haven't really had the time to think that one through yet.  Anyway, this is the third of three posts for the day.  That's right.  I remember now.  Now don't get corn-fused.  You aren't supposed to do that, remember?

Here, my friends, is a picture of the World's Greatest Medical Oncology Nurse:

Now, wait just a Peanut-eatin' minute here.  Isn't that the Goatmother in that picture?  The Goatmother who doesn't have her picture taken?  Surely that must be a stunt double.  At any rate, don't hurt yourself trying to figure it out.  Just know that the really important person is the one on the right.  That is the World's Greatest Medical Oncology Nurse.  She is so great that Muhammad Ali would say he's merely the sufficientest.  She is so great, the Wall of China would call itself only outstanding.  She's so great ... oh, well, maybe I'm getting a little carried away.  Who me?

Honestly, this woman is the best.  She is right there for her patients, and trust me when I say that no one, and I do mean NO ONE, messes with her charges.  To do so would be like spitting in the face of a hurricane.  She always makes time, even when there's no time to be had, and every patient ends up feeling like they are the only one.  I ask you, how many times in life does that  happen?  This one's a treasure for sure. 

Daisy: "What kind of a garden do you come from? "
Alice:  "Oh, I don't come from any garden. "
Daisy: "Do you suppose she's a wildflower?" - Alice In Wonderland


Faith said...

I can't tell you how pleased I am that the goatmother has such great nurses and doctors around her, it was my first thoughts and prayers that she would be with the right people from word go.....it certainly seems like she has had just the perfect team for her!x

Mrs. Micawber said...

This gal has a kind yet steely gleam in her eye which bodes well for her patients! So glad the Goatmother is getting the best of care.

May I say that she looks very stylish? I like the hint of gypsy in the headwrap and hoop earrings. :)

Marigold said...

Dear Faith,
Obviously you did your work well, Grasshopper. The Goatmother is indeed surrounded by wonderfully kind and competent people. How lucky is she?

Marigold said...

Dear Mrs. Micawber,
Yes, that gleam is sinister, don't you think? I am not sure I would want her trimming my hooves. I don't think I could get by with nearly as much as I do.

I could arrange for a 'reading' from the Goatmother for you. I have to tell you, however, that it might have to include a few Peanuts under the table.

Planet Penny said...

Congratulations Marigold for rounding up all these special people for the Goatmother. Send her a big hug from me and Higgins X

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Wonderful picture of you, Dear Goatmother!

And lovely pic of you and your wonderful nurse. What a super human being, she must be. It warms the heart, to hear how wonderfully she does her nursing.

Gentle hugs,

J (waiting) said...

Marigold, are you sure the goatmother isn't part gypsy? Between the divine scarf and the hoop earring, she has it going on. When she starts doing readings professionally, please let me know.

The nurse looks like a sweetie! So glad the Queen likes her team.

DebH said...

That looks like a pretty tough team to me! How is Goatmother doing? Right now the time is flying by but I bet the days tick by slowly between treatment days. Hope your feeling as well as you look! You look Marvelous!

Marigold said...

Dear Penny,
Oh, my! A hug from you is fabulous, but a hug from Higgins? Divine! :) I have to admit, though, that I had nothing at all to do with rounding up these wonderful folks for the Goatmother. The Universe did that all by itself. How lucky are we????

Marigold said...

Dear Auntie,
This nurse, you say she is a Super human being? Well,yes,she is. But now that I'm thinking about it...maybe she really is a SUPER hero like the Goatmother! Ooooo! It could actually be true!!!!! How astute of you!

Marigold said...

Dear J,
We will let you know. Of course I can't be responsible if her predictions are no good. On the other hand, like me she works for Peanuts. That is certainly a plus.

Marigold said...

Dear DebH,
The Goatmother thanks you for your comment. Of course she doesn't believe it, but she thanks you anyway. :) Well, as Forest said, 'Time is as Time does'.... Oh, wait. That was Peanuts. Oh, no! That was Stupid. Yeah. Anyway, yep, time is going slow, but it's all the blink of an eye and a drop in the bucket anyway. :)

Candy C. said...

This lovely young lady looks to be another wonderful addition to the Goatmother's team of Super-Heroes! I'm so glad they are there to help the Goatmother get better! :)

Snowcatcher said...

Thank you, Marigold, for sharing that precious photo. I'm so glad the Goatmother is in good hands, and there's something magical in that smile, knowing all she's going through. I, too, however, did wonder about gypsies in the lineage...

Marigold said...

Dear Snowcatcher,
Gypsies? Perhaps. Her father's side of the family came from the Carpathian mountains. The Goatmother's nurse could be a Gypsy too. One never knows. We shall have to consult the cards. I wonder if a goat could take up Tarot without being tempted to eat the tools??? It is a question worth pondering.

Millie said...

How wonderful to be surrounded by so many wonderful helpers!

Marigold said...

Dear Millie,
Oh, yes! I do wonder if the World's Greatest Medical Oncology nurse would consider making a house call, though. I mean, I bet she could fit in a goat here and there, don't you think?