"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Toy

I am SO upset! Yesterday the goatmother and the goatfather brought in a NEW TOY!! Now we already have quite a few goat-oriented toys here - really a capricornucopia of things to play on and with. We have a concrete block mountain; we have two wooden spools; we have a slick old log (slick because we have managed to *help* it out of its bark); we have a big metal gate - oh, just so many toys. But yesterday! Yesterday we got the absolute KING of wooden spools - and in the barn no less!!! Be still my beating heart! It is much bigger than the other two wooden spools! I almost swooned.

However, Ella the Alpine (remember Ella?...all, Mine! Mine! Mine!) took it over. You can see her ugly leer in the next picture. Really! This is just TOO much. Still, maybe it is for the best. I mean I wouldn't want my beloved therapy stump to feel slighted in the least. It has been there for me through thick and thin - a true friend! - a true rock! (although it is a stump).
Who wants an old spool anyway, when one can have an oasis?

I Thought It Was Spring

I really thought it was Spring. The daffodils are up and have blooms forming. The tulips are up too. The crocus have had their little purple heads out for some time now. A pair of neighborly ducks have been coming to the pond. I can see them from the barn. But this morning something white is coming out of the sky! What IS up with that?

I did go to my stump to contemplate this deeply...however, I just got white *stuff* on my back - and it was cold! So I shall just leave it at this:
Spring has sprung,
The grass is 'riz'...
I wonder what this white stuff is?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Time Is Coming...

This morning Boo got something special. At least the goatmother told us it was special. It was something called a 'vaccination'. She said my time is coming. I am not sure I am excited about this prospect, although it didn't look too bad. I think I much prefer peanuts, though.

We also practiced, again, for 'Dancing With the Stars'. This time, however, I added a graceful leap into the routine. The goatmother was literally hanging on for dear life. I don't think she is a very talented dancer. Clumsy really. To her credit, however, she didn't let go. I think I may have to look for a new partner. I suppose you can't expect too much from someone with only two legs.

Friday, February 23, 2007

And the Winner Is!

I must admit I just don't understand. This morning the goatmother came to me with a brush. "Stand still and let me brush you", she said. As she grabbed hold of my collar and started to brush, we whirled and twirled in a fast-clipped rendition of the waltz. I was very light on my feet. I was quite proud of my finesse and my superior caprine ingenuity in creating an updated version of such a wonderful old classic. The goatmother, however, was NOT happy. "Hold still!", she said. Didn't she realize one simply must practice for one's debut on Dancing With the Stars?

All Hail the Queen!

This is Boo. Boo is a Nubian. Boo *thinks* she is the herd queen. Boo also *thinks* she can sing. Let me tell you, it is like no other voice I've ever heard. Suffice it to say that I don't believe she will be making any slam-dunk appearances on American Idol any time soon.

To be fair, however, Boo is very sweet, albeit not a major player in the mental agility game. For example, one day Boo spied an oddly stacked mound of , to be polite, goat 'berries', on the wooden pallet in the barn. All systems came to attention! The hair raised along her back! Alert! Enemy forces have invaded the barn! ... You understand what I'm saying here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Runway, Lights, Please!

This is Ella...well, really Ellyl. She is an alpine that lives with us. I have had to think long and hard about Ella. She is sort of the supermodel type - all long legs, beautiful, pushy, and, as so often happens in these cases, lacking the brains to go along with it. When it comes to food and attention, just like the supermodel, Ella wants it ALL! I hate her metabolism. Alas, philosophically speaking, she is the Cadillac while I am the Volkswagen.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Philosophical Introduction

By way of introduction, I am Marigold. I am a mini-Nubian and I live on a small farm in Washington state with my friends. I am extremely intelligent and stand for hours on my therapy stump contemplating the universe and its multitudinous possibilities. For example, one day I stood contemplating and realized that, yes, indeed, peanuts are quite the most perfect of foods. I have many stellar thoughts such as this.