"If providence did beards devise,
To prove the wearers of them wise,
A fulsome goat would then, by nature,
Excel each other human creature." - Thomas D'Urfey

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Lord of the Wings (Part 1)

Thanks to my friend, Mrs. Micawber (whom I bet didn't know she was really a Muse), and due to not being able to leave the barn (because even though they said it was supposed to rain, it is snowing again), I have decided to turn my hoof to writing something a little different.  I shall spare you the explanations and simply cut to the chase as I present to you:

The Lord of the Wings

We begin our story eons and eons, and just skads of years, ago in a land known as Equidistant-Earth.  The Dark Lord Ellaron has come upon THE ONE PEANUT, a five-to-a-sheller (What?!  This is a work of fiction.) to rule over all Peanuts.  The ONE to rule them ALL.  But the evil, dark Ellaron, fascinated one day by her own reflection, managed to lose THE ONE PEANUT. 

Time passed and it came to be that an innocent-looking woman, walking along one day, looked down and noticed something.  Little did she know that THE ONE PEANUT wanted only to use her to find the way back to its vile master.  The woman placed the found object into her pocket, but its dastardly influence began to change her unnaturally.  Soon she was turned into a twisted creature known only as The Goatmother.  She was a slave to THE ONE PEANUT, calling it her cherrr-ishhh-ed.  But THE ONE PEANUT was not to be denied, and one day the creature, Goatmother, also lost the cherrr-ishhh-ed.

Eventually, THE ONE PEANUT came into the possession of Frodigold, a lovely, highly intelligent, and exceedingly courageous young goat, dwelling happily in a beautiful part of Equidistant-Earth.  Frodigold was informed by her wizened computer-wizard friend, Goatfather, the Grey, that THE ONE PEANUT was evil and must be destroyed.  But THE ONE PEANUT could only be destroyed by throwing it into the depths of the barn at MoreDoors, where it would be consumed by odious Orcmice and subsequently 'eliminated'.  Soon, Frodigold was joined by her loyal friend, WatWise GoshOgee, and the Partnership of the Peanut was formed. Thus began their fateful journey.

Please be sure to stay tuned for part II,  Lord of the Wings - The Two Terrors.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I am on the edge of my chair with suspense (having climbed back up onto it after falling off laughing).


P.S. How much do you think you'll get for the movie rights?

P.P.S. Do I get a percentage?

Mrs. Micawber said...

I was laughing so hard I forgot to say that I do like my YakTrax. Please tell the Goatmother they're designed for walking on ice or packed snow, and that they offer great traction. I tend to slip and fall - a lot - when the ground is icy (low center of gravity? wrong weight distribution?), so the YakTrax come in quite handy and give me a marvellous feeling of security.

Marigold said...

Dear Mrs. Micawber,
I am SO glad you liked it. It is my first effort. And fear not! The Muse always gets a cut. :) Oh, and Peter the Jackass, over at the farm behind us, has expressed an interest. We'll see.

Claire MW said...

Goodness me Marigold, you have turned into a most industrious authoress indeed! We are reminded of something by your story....just can't quite bring it to the tip of my tongue...it's as if I've read something similar! We are pleased to hear that Mrs. Micawber has YakTrax because we think they are superb.

Also, since you asked nicely, I have modified my blog post today to include Bev's drawings. She'll probably clobber me for that!

Millie said...

Boredom in the snow is certainly relieved by a good story. I can't wait for the next installment of your epic goat tail.

Marigold said...

Dear Claire,
Thank you! The drawings are quite nice. I have to say I can't imagine to which story you refer. On two such wonderful recommendations, the Goatmother has ordered herself a pair of YakTrax. She needs them. She is such a clutz.

Marigold said...

Dear Millie,
I am so glad you have enjoyed it so far. Fear not. More to come. I would never leave my readers hanging - the chord unresolved - the page unturned ...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


Dear "Marigold", you continue to mystify and amaze your Loyal and Dear Readers!!!!!!!!!!

What more can I say???? ,-)

'And what are you reading, Miss-?'
'Oh! it is only a novel!' replies
the young lady ...
with affected indifference.

~Jane Austen

Marigold said...

Dear Auntie,
Thank you so much! My readers are indeed very dear to me. Except for maybe those stupid ducks.

Snowcatcher said...

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. Chortle, chortle, chortle. Bwahahahaha! Tee hee hee! Snicker, giggle, snort...

We'll have to keep you snowed in a bit more to unlease even more of your creativity! The Lizard's gonna LOVE this!!!

Marigold said...

Dear Snowcatcher,
I've never had a Lizard for a reader before. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever met a Lizard. Is he scaly? :)

Kelly said...

Marigold I too must confess that this story sounds very familiar. I just cant put my finger on it. How many books do you think the final tome will be? Thank you for the smile. Stay warm and out of the snow.

Marigold said...

Dear Kelly,
It shouldn't be too long. I have to finish it before the weather clears.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you. "A Discovery of Witches" sounds like a GRRRRRRRRRREAT reading suggestion.

Thank you!!!!!!

Btw, I do not find a click-able link to an email addy, on your Profile Page. If you wish, would you be so kind as to write me an email? Mine is on my Profile. If you wish, that is. I will not share your email addy of course.

Gentle hugs,

Marigold said...

Dear Auntie,
The Goatmother thinks it is a very good book. Of course mine is much better ...